Digs for Dogs

We are pet friendly digs

A well-behaved dog (who brings their own bed) is welcome to stay in Quirky Double with their owner. Dogs are charged 10% room rate.

Obviously dogs must be friendly with humans and other dogs as Purdey already lives in the house and there may be other guests. Purdey is a rescued long dog (bull head greyhound/saluki cross). She is friendly with other dogs but obviously there can be exceptions (like huskies for some reason!)!

There is a dog-friendly park very nearby where you can let them off for exercise – it even has a secure fenced-off enclosure specifically for dogs – and we’ll come to an arrangement re feeding times!

Please don’t leave your dog unaccompanied in the house. If you need to pop to the shop or need a dog-sitter, please ask as I’ll be more than happy to help if I’m available 🙂

If you think your dog will jump on the bed, please let me know so I can provide a cover to preserve the bedspread! We know they’re the boss!

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